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Sulphur Brilliant Green - CAS NO.12227-06-4, a high-quality product from our factory. We specialize in providing top-quality dyes and pigments worldwide.

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Sulphur Brilliant Green is a highly versatile product that finds applications in various industries. As a factory specializing in the production and supply of Sulphur Brilliant Green, we ensure that our product complies with all the necessary standards and quality parameters. With CAS NO.12227-06-4, our Sulphur Brilliant Green is known for its vibrant green color, high solubility, and excellent lightfastness. It is widely used in the textile industry for dyeing cotton, wool, silk, and other fibers. Our product is also utilized in the printing industry for producing highly saturated and vibrant prints. It finds use in the cosmetics industry as a colorant and in the food industry as a food additive. We manufacture and supply Sulphur Brilliant Green in different grades and quantities to meet the varied needs of our customers. Rest assured that our product is of the highest quality and will meet your requirements.

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